About Prechlan

What is Prechlan?

The name Prechlan is not well known.
Here, we explain Prechlan in simple terms.

In brief, “Prechlan” is a jelly-like substance that microalgae (Parachlorella kessleri-PNC1 strain) produce, which acts like a barrier when it responds to environmental stresses such as pH.

Prechlan is made from a polymeric substance called polysaccharide and characterized by a wobbly, jelly-like texture.

We have continued to develop technology for extracting Prechlan and have successfully developed a method for efficiently extracting only Prechlan from microalgae and purifying it.

We have conducted various safety tests on Prechlan (dermal primary irritation test (alternative method), eye irritation test (alternative method), occlusive patch test, and RIPT test, and have confirmed that this substance causes no harm to living organisms.

Furthermore, we have applied Prechlan directly to various cultured cells and have obtained a large amount of data on the functionality of Prechlan in living organisms.
Through these experiments, it is clear that Prechlan functions as a biological response modifier (BRM).

For example, it increases the production of a cytokine called FGF7 (a protein that functions as a signal exchanged between cells) secreted from dermal papilla cells. This results in activation of the hair matrix cells, thereby regulating the hair cycle, making it useful in hair and eyelash care.

Adding at least 0.001% Prechlan results in more than 3 times as much production of FGF7 than adding Adenosine (100 μM)

We are currently researching how Prechlan increases the production of FGF7, and have found that it is caused by Prechlan binding to the TLR4 receptors (substances functioning as an antenna for catching signals) on the cells.

When mouse whisker tissue was cultured in a Petri dish, increased growth was observed in the tissue containing Prechlan.

We will continue to conduct research on Prechlan to extend its benefits to as many people as possible.

We will announce our latest research results on this page from time to time, so stay tuned.

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